SIA Vision

Our Core Services

What we do - in simple words
When you need someone to help you with IT related stuff - we are here! We can share our experience related to software licensing, security issues, data backup strategies, as well as our experience related to software project resources management - team, tasks, logistics etc.
We help you build your online presence by creating websites, web and mobile applications. When all is ready, we provide custom video and/or written documentation.
Once the website is created, it has to be published online in order to be available 24/7 to the users. We offer hosting services for websites and email accounts on TIER 3 certified servers with 99.98% up-time. We can also offer highly customized hosting environments to suit your needs.
What is a website unknown to Google or Bing or Yahoo? It basically does not exist! We can help you to optimize your website for the major search engines, and promote it through the social networks like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIN etc.
If you had a store, whom would you hire as a sales agent? You would go with the best, right? On the web, the texts on your website are your sales agents. Don't let this to chance! Talk to our copywritter for the best texts!
Viruses, hardware failure, hackers, etc. can make your important data wanish in an eye blink. Therefore, having your data in a safe place is a must. We can help in building your own data backup strategy and also provide you with the means to implement this strategy - cloud based backup solutions.
When you need Internet access and you wish to use network software, it means you need some professionals to handle your IT infrastructure. We can help with custom computer networks design - both wired, as well as wireless.
Are you working in a big project - where the data flow is complicated and the data needs complex processing? Our services come in handy:
  • Online/offline database design
  • Custom data management application development
  • Big volume data processing
  • Document management
  • Document workflow structuring
One way to stand up above your competition is to have a well designed brand. We can create your visual identity (logo, branded sheets, business cards, website, etc.), as well as your promotional materials (flyers, banners, brochures, etc.).
We provide training services, both IT related and also on communication, leadership, conflict management and team buildings.