SIA Vision

What is SIA?

In the Egyptian mithology, SIA was the god of wisdom and knowledge, residing in the heart. At SIA Vision we use technical knowledge to create high quality products, while keeping the human, personal face of our business.

Our company was founded in 2004 and had known various stages in its development. We covered a large area of services - from computer retail and service to IT consultancy and software/web development.

Along the years we discovered that is not enough to be good from a technical point of view. The relation you have with the ones you work with is very important too. Hence Alien Tech - the old name of the company - has become SIA Vision.


What we stand for...

Listen   •   Be open   •   Communicate   •   Keep it simple   •   Do more with less   •   Think what you say and how you say it ;  •   Put your heart in what you do   •   Be serious   •   Laugh

Who we are...

Lucian Ilea
Lucian IleaManager, Developer
Ionut Baltean
Ion C. BalteanPhotographer, Branding expert
Andrei Bosinceanu
Andrei BosinceanuWeb designer, UX specialist